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Next Navigator Developed in Partnership with ICLE



While the national focus has been on the shift to the Common Core State Standards, the larger challenge will be preparing students for success on the next generation assessments. These new assessments will be fundamentally different from the current state assessments in that they will be performance-based. Your students will need to demonstrate their ability to function in Quadrant D by thinking in complex ways and applying their skills when confronted with perplexing, complicated problems.


To bridge the gap between the current state assessments and the next generation assessments, Next Navigator will support your instructional leaders and teachers in planning instruction that prepares students for these new requirements.


What it is?

Next Navigator is an online tool that:

  • Aligns current state standards with Common Core State Standards so your teachers can identify gaps between the current curriculum and expectations of the Common Core State Standards.
  • Provides sample next generation assessments and scoring guides – built specifically to exemplify the type of items that will appear on the next generation assessments -- to help your teachers prepare students for the higher level of rigor required by the next generation assessments.
  • Prioritizes instructional objectives by aligning current state standards with Common Core State Standards, the likelihood of each standard to be tested on the current state test, and the importance of each standard based upon what students need for success in adult life (National Essential Skills Survey).

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