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16 March, 201216 March, 2012
Grade Level: All (K-12)
The Challenges and Opportunities of the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Assessments and Teacher Evaluation
Presented By: Dr. Willard R. Daggett, Founder, International Center for Leadership in Education

Over the next few years, schools will face a series of challenges and opportunities that will have a major impact on both students and teachers. Fueled by moving to the Common Core State Standards, schools must make a fundamental shift in both what is taught and how it will be taught. Students will be assessed on standards that are far more rigorous and much more applied than in the past, and therefore teachers will need to match their instruction to those higher levels of rigor and relevance. Dr. Daggett lays out why these changes are being made, the impact they will have on curriculum and instruction, and ways that the nation's most rapidly improving schools provide a blueprint to meet the challenges successfully.

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  • brettweissBy brettweiss 2361 Days Ago
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    Please...let's put an end to Common Core! When it finally dies, it will leave our students less prepared for the world they are about to enter, just as No Child Left Behind did. Common Core does nothing to address the real problems in our education system. Let's put out students first and the needs of politicians and school administrators second!