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8 December, 20108 December, 2010
Grade Level: All (K-12)
Presented by Tim Ott, President, Successful Practices Network

Please use the link below to access the recording of the webinar and accompanying documents.

The implications for educators of the Common Core State Standards are both exciting and daunting. Educators will need to shift how they teach and how they assess students within the next three years. Students will need to adapt to those instructional changes and cannot be expected to do so overnight.

States, districts, schools, and teachers need to begin planning now. Making the appropriate changes to reflect these standards along with overall school reform should be evolutionary rather than revolutionary in preparation for full implementation by 2014. Leaders must begin building instructional capacity within their system in order to ensure a successful roll-out of the new standards and assessments.

This Webinar will provide a model of a focused program of transition planning and implementation strategies being used by Network member schools.

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    Please...let's put an end to Common Core! When it finally dies, it will leave our students less prepared for the world they are about to enter, just as No Child Left Behind did. Common Core does nothing to address the real problems in our education system. Let's put out students first and the needs of politicians and school administrators second!