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16 May, 201216 May, 2012
Grade Level: Secondary (6-12)
Lin Kuzmich, Senior Consultant and Coach
Successful Practices Network and ICLE

June 2012

Duration: 4:22 Minutes

Lin talks about the Common Core State Standards and the intersect with Career and Technical Education.  It is imperative as we move forward at looking at career and college readiness skills we help students connect the English language arts, mathematics, science and social sciences to real world.  Lin will share a Montana school example on integrating academics and CTE .  It is not always a big six week project that helps to intersect, but small natural connections.

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  • brettweissBy brettweiss 2391 Days Ago
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    Please...let's put an end to Common Core! When it finally dies, it will leave our students less prepared for the world they are about to enter, just as No Child Left Behind did. Common Core does nothing to address the real problems in our education system. Let's put out students first and the needs of politicians and school administrators second!
  • FKR2By FKR2 2169 Days Ago
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    I don't think it's going away. It is asking how we are preparing students for higher education and the work place.