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24 June, 201224 June, 2012
Careful Construction Company (CCC) has recently conducted an annual review of their performance and progress to goals. Based on this data, they have become aware that they are not completing projects on time which prevents them from staying within budget due to the additional labor costs. CCC has contracted with the Get it Right engineering firm to create a machine that will assist them with lifting some of the heavy loads required to complete projects in a timelier manner by reducing the amount of manpower necessary to move heavy objects at the job sites.

As a Get it Right engineer, your job is to design a machine that will allow the workers from CCC to move heavy loads with the least amount of effort and write a memorandum to CCC that includes the rationale for your design.
Grades: 3-5
Subjects: Science, English Language Arts, Math
Essential Skills: E1, E6, E9, M12, S1, S3, S4, S12, S15
Submitted By: Venola Mason, SPN Campus
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