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SPN hosts at least one webinar a month for network members. Similar to the podcasts, the topics are selected based on member questions, the monthly focus topic of the newsletter, or a particularly timely issue relevant to SPN members. These webinars are presented by member school leaders, education consultants, researchers and field experts. All webinars include opportunities for the participants to dialog with the presenter and have their questions answered. Recent topics include: Leadership Strategies for Connecting to the Community; Using Perception Data as Part of School Improvement Planning; Strategic Planning for the Common Core State Standards. Webinars are supported by research articles accessed under “Research” and “Technical Bulletins.” Webinars are used by schools to learn about program issues and concerns as well as information about how to best utilize existing resources to improve student growth. Participation on past webinars varies from 50-500 participants.


  • Efficient access to education leaders with built opportunity for exchange of idea, questions, and comments
  • Remote access: can be logged into a computer from any site
  • No cost to members
  • Provides introductions to new ideas, strategies, and implementation models
  • Responsive topics to member concerns
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Public Resource 21 September, 201121 September, 2011
Are your colleagues prepared for the transition from your existing state standards and the new standards aligned to the Common Core State Standards? Do you have a plan for supporting your teachers so they are prepared for the new standards and next generation assessments?
Public Resource 8 December, 20108 December, 2010
Presented by Tim Ott, President, Successful Practices Network

Please use the link below to access the recording of the webinar and accompanying documents.
Public Resource 16 February, 201216 February, 2012
This webinar recording is a follow-up to your Leadership Academy experience, presented by Douglas Silver, director of research, Successful Practices Network.
Public Resource 19 March, 201219 March, 2012
Presented by Sue Gendron, Policy Coordinator, SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium and Senior Fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education.
Public Resource 12 March, 201312 March, 2013
Presented by: Lisa Dreher, Academic Coach, Harbour View Elementary School, Marion County Public Schools, FL
This webinar was presented in partnership with Learning Together.
Public Resource 16 March, 201216 March, 2012
The Challenges and Opportunities of the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Assessments and Teacher Evaluation
Presented By: Dr. Willard R. Daggett, Founder, International Center for Leadership in Education
Model School
Public Resource 19 May, 201119 May, 2011
Earning the designation of "Model School" is an achievement to be proud of. Each school travels on their own path to applying and presenting at the Model Schools Conference but there are some common characteristics and achievements of schools selected. Dr. Linda Lucey, Executive Director of Program Design at the International Center for Leadership in Education and the Program Chair of the Model Schools Conference will share with SPN members what steps they should take on their journey to beco...Read more
10 May, 201010 May, 2010
March 2010
Wednesday, March 10 at 4:00 - 5:00 pm EST
Implementing the Gold Seal Lesson Writing Process
20 August, 201220 August, 2012
This webinar provides a review of how to navigate through the Next Network and describes the different resource types and how to search them.
26 August, 201026 August, 2010
Ashley Terwilliger, Member Services Coordinator, shares with participants the new features available and how to navigate to popular resources such as Gold Seal Lessons, Successful Practices, archived podcasts and webinars, and Model School case studies. New features include increased search ability in all areas of the website, social networking, professional learning communities and national research relevant to schools.

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