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Information for Gold Seal Lessons

Gold Seal Lessons

The Successful Practices Network is committed to incorporating rigor and relevance into classroom instruction. This strong focusis built on the understanding that when a rigorous curriculum is tied to real-world application, students are more motivated to learn and therefore develop a deeper understanding of the content, which leads to greater retention of the information over time. SPN in partnership with educators across the country develop model lessons that reflect this pedagogy.


Each lesson is designed to teach to specific standards/benchmarks/objectives and centered around a highly motivating theme, activity, or project. Lessons are typically multidisciplinary and deal with real-world situations or problems. Additionally, Gold Seal Lessons should challenge students to learn and perform in a variety of different ways. They may be asked to research, write, compute, model, demonstrate, build, survey, or report in a variety of academic, technical, work, or community environments.


Members can search, access, and download approximately 2000 Gold Seal Lessons. Lessons are searchable by content area, grade level, standards, and keywords.



  • Gold Seal Lessons provide teachers model, proven lessons ranging from one day to three weeks that they can implement
  • Because the lessons are aligned to standards, teachers can access alternative methods for teaching and assessing topics that they have identified as needing improvement in their own teaching
  • Teachers seeking to improve their students’ engagement find examples of relevant activities
  • Members are able to share Gold Seal Lessons with colleagues online through the network
Please feel free to use the Featured Lessons by accessing the link below. For more information please contact Grethel Torrico-Lara at

Please note, by submitting a lesson to the Network for editing and inclusion in the database of Gold Seal Lessons the author grants consent that the lesson may be used by the Successful Practices Network.  As such, the Successful Practices Network may distribute, repurpose, sell or reproduce lessons to fit the needs of the organization at present or in the future.   

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Featured Gold Seal Lessons
10 August, 201110 August, 2011
Students will use technology to create and deliver a presentation to the class, analyzing a chosen political/editorial cartoon to demonstrate knowledge of satire. They will work in pairs to choose the cartoon, identify the techniques of satire used, and explain the relevance of the satire. Using culturally-relevant materials, this introduction could be used in any subject area as a lead-in to satirical works. After this lesson, students will be ready to explore any fiction or non-fiction work...Read more
Grades: 12
Subjects: English
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E3, E6, E7, E8, E9, E10, E12, E13
Submitted By: Debbie Webber, Frostproof Middle Senior High School, FL
3 June, 20103 June, 2010
Students will explore different aspects of countries around the world. They will identify animals and their characteristics, recording information in organizational thinking maps. Students will analyze, organize, and design animal characteristics in order to create a new animal, which could live in the country of study.
Grades: 1-4
Subjects: English Language Arts, Science
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E3, E6, E7, E9, E16, S16
Submitted By: Megan Wilson, Cotton Boll Elementary, AZ
30 July, 201030 July, 2010
Students are required to choose a weather problem and write a detailed description about an invention and how it works to protect people from this type of storm element. The student will create a poster to advertise his/her new product. Students will evaluate their peer’s invention presentation.
Grades: 1-5
Subjects: Science, English Language Arts
Essential Skills: E1, E6, E8, E9, E16, E18, E31, S1, S15, S25
Submitted By: Tammy Curtis, Cotton Boll Elementary, AZ
25 August, 201025 August, 2010
Students will develop a presentation on good sportsmanship. They will be required to collaborate in teams. Students will use the lesson, Internet, and prior personal experiences to determine what is deemed good sportsmanship. Their presentation should include ways in which they can enhance their sportsmanship, ways to continue good sportsmanship in other areas of their life other than sports, and recommendations for how to facilitate good sportsmanship.
Grades: 2-6
Subjects: Physical Education, English Language Arts
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E5, E6, E8, E9, E16, E18
Submitted By: Shirell Gros, Jennifer Richard, Elizabeth Bourgeois, Dionne Esnault, Napoleonville Primary, LA
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
: Based on hands-on experience with children as well as readings about child development, students will identify the stages of development (motor, intellectual, psychosocial, moral, and language) and apply this knowledge to a specific individual. The students will create a child development profile and use this information to purchase an age-appropriate Christmas gift for a needy child.
Grades: 12
Subjects: Psychology
Essential Skills: E3, E5, E6, E9, E10, E12, S1, SS21
Submitted By: Leisha Bento, Aiea High School, HI
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
Before beginning this activity, the students will have learned about the four main types of clouds and the weather associated with each cloud. This activity will take place after the students have studied the "Water in the Atmosphere" concepts. The students will be observing clouds for two weeks both in the morning and evening. The students will write down their observations and complete their tally charts twice a day. At the end of two weeks, the students will compare their results from...Read more
Grades: 2-6
Subjects: Science, English Language Arts
Essential Skills: E1, E9, M17, M21, M22, S3, S12, S15, S35
Submitted By: Steve Olson and Megan Wihlm, Webster City, IA
1 March, 20101 March, 2010
Students will collaborate with a partner through the use of hands on activities and literature to determine why the sense of touch is a useful tool for sighted as well as nonsighted people. Students will create a touch board and present it to their peers.
Grades: 1-5
Subjects: Science, English Language Arts
Essential Skills: E1, E6, E8, E9, E16, E18, S1, S2, S3, S15
Submitted By: Sherry Lange-Hanif, Elkstrand Elementary School, IA
1 May, 20121 May, 2012
Students will select a technological service or product, conduct research and then prepare a presentation called “Tech Bytes” for their school TV. The goal of the presentation is to communicate the human impact of this service or product, the pros and cons of this service or product, and the social responsibility society has when using this service or product.
Grades: 6-8
Subjects: Technical Subjects, English Language Arts, Science, History
Essential Skills: E2, E7, E15, E17, E23, E26, S47, SS13, SS41
Submitted By: Nancy Helmkamp, Dekalb Middle School, IN
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
Students will work with a partner to draft a written testimony in support or opposition to a current piece of energy legislation currently in front of their own State government. Students will engage in Internet research and group discussions to accumulate the necessary information to develop an informed opinion on energy related issues. Students will also create a written public service message on how to conserve energy, as well as preparing a brief oral presentation on renewable energy.
Grades: 9-12
Subjects: Physical Science
Essential Skills: E7, E8, E33, S10, S21A
Submitted By: Mary Miura-Aguinaldo (with contributions from Joy Cauble and Virginia Young at, Aiea High School, HI
18 May, 201018 May, 2010
Students will research various animal habitats and the impact of environmental and human factors on those habitats. They will show understanding by writing a persuasive essay and constructing a habitat diorama. They will present finished products to an audience.
Grades: 2-6
Subjects: Science, English Language Arts
Essential Skills: E6, E7, E8, E15, E18, E19, E22, E25, S5, S7
Submitted By: 3rd Grade Team, Elk Lake Elementary School, PA

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