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Information for Gold Seal Lessons

Gold Seal Lessons

The Successful Practices Network is committed to incorporating rigor and relevance into classroom instruction. This strong focusis built on the understanding that when a rigorous curriculum is tied to real-world application, students are more motivated to learn and therefore develop a deeper understanding of the content, which leads to greater retention of the information over time. SPN in partnership with educators across the country develop model lessons that reflect this pedagogy.


Each lesson is designed to teach to specific standards/benchmarks/objectives and centered around a highly motivating theme, activity, or project. Lessons are typically multidisciplinary and deal with real-world situations or problems. Additionally, Gold Seal Lessons should challenge students to learn and perform in a variety of different ways. They may be asked to research, write, compute, model, demonstrate, build, survey, or report in a variety of academic, technical, work, or community environments.


Members can search, access, and download approximately 2000 Gold Seal Lessons. Lessons are searchable by content area, grade level, standards, and keywords.



  • Gold Seal Lessons provide teachers model, proven lessons ranging from one day to three weeks that they can implement
  • Because the lessons are aligned to standards, teachers can access alternative methods for teaching and assessing topics that they have identified as needing improvement in their own teaching
  • Teachers seeking to improve their students’ engagement find examples of relevant activities
  • Members are able to share Gold Seal Lessons with colleagues online through the network
Please feel free to use the Featured Lessons by accessing the link below. For more information please contact Grethel Torrico-Lara at

Please note, by submitting a lesson to the Network for editing and inclusion in the database of Gold Seal Lessons the author grants consent that the lesson may be used by the Successful Practices Network.  As such, the Successful Practices Network may distribute, repurpose, sell or reproduce lessons to fit the needs of the organization at present or in the future.   

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Featured Gold Seal Lessons
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
: Students will discuss how messages are presented to audiences of different age groups in various ways by studying parables. Students will analyze parables and various children's storybooks. In groups, students will design a children's storybook based on a message derived from their analysis of parables. Finally the students will write an essay and deliver a PowerPoint presentation to the class regarding their process with the assignment.
Grades: K-8
Subjects: English Language Arts, Religion
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E3, E6, E7, E9, E10, E12, E13, E15
Submitted By: Annette Damien, Chaminade Middle School, CA
21 September, 201021 September, 2010
Students will work in groups to help design the first human colony on Mars. The students will use the internet, science magazines, CDs and videos, to conduct research and create a scale model of their Mars colony, including its components, and a map of its location. Students will then orally present their findings, with rationale, to their peers using PowerPoint. Students will evaluate their plans, presentation and their group dynamics using a prepared rubric.
Grades: 5-6
Subjects: Science
Essential Skills: E1, E7, E8, E17, E31, M1, S16, S26, S34
Submitted By: Tony Melacon, Labadieville Middle School, LA
1 November, 20101 November, 2010
This unit creates an opportunity for students to create a dynamic narrative. A dynamic narrative makes the viewer feel connected to the subject and more informed as a result of watching. After reviewing a variety of exemplars, students will create a 3-4 minute narrative of a person or group that is a positive member to the Dartmouth community. Students will work collaboratively and use school and local newspapers and Internet resources to find their talent. They will develop open-ended questi...Read more
Grades: 9-12
Subjects: Art, English Language Arts
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E3, E6, E7, E9, E10, E13, E15, E18
Submitted By: Michelle Alexander, Dartmouth High School, MA
26 January, 201026 January, 2010
An anticipation guide and prediction strategies will be used to spark student interest and to help students make connections to their lives and/or real-world issues.

Students will read the play Julius Caesar and engage in a variety of activities to assure comprehension, develop vocabulary, and provide opportunities for analytical and interpretive work. Students will use the Internet to research theme parks to prepare for a creative-interpretive activity: a Julius Caesar Theme Park.

Stud...Read more
Grades: 10
Subjects: English II,History, Western Civilization
Essential Skills: E2, E4, E8, E23, E34, E37, SS8, SS13
Submitted By: Debbie Miller, Greenwood, KY
26 January, 201026 January, 2010
Working in small groups, students will design a display area within a proposed amusement park that will house a live dinosaur for the entertainment and education of park visitors. Students will conduct research to ensure that they incorporate the correct environmental conditions to successfully maintain the health of their dinosaur. Students will create job descriptions and salary scales for the necessary employees required for the project. Students will submit a detailed proposal of their pr...Read more
Grades: 7-9
Subjects: ScienceLanguage Arts
Essential Skills: E2, E7, S34
Submitted By: Jeanne Rogis, Central Clinton High School, IA
27 January, 201027 January, 2010
Students will design and create a quilt to donate to a local charity within the parameters set by the teacher. In creating their quilt, students will be required to use skills such as listening, reading, design, drawing, mathematical calculations, organization, time management, and basic concentration techniques used in sewing. The culmination of this lesson is a field trip to a charity the class has chosen to donate the quilts. Community members and organizations will donate all materials fo...Read more
Grades: 9-12
Subjects: Family and Consumer Studies
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E3, E6, M2, M3, M42, S13
Submitted By: Brenda Broadbent, Scio High School, NY
25 February, 201025 February, 2010
In groups of two or three, students will write a short story for elementary age children with the theme of change. The story will creatively weave scientifically accurate information about how moving plates cause physical changes on Earth and emotional changes that happen to people, a community or society. The story will develop at least two characters and a setting using language choices and images in a logical progression of ideas. The books will be simply bound, delivered and read to el...Read more
Grades: 9-10
Subjects: Earth Science, Creative Writing
Essential Skills: E45, S5
Submitted By: Larry McMullen, Billings Senior High School, MT
Public Resource 16 January, 201016 January, 2010
Physics and Algebra students will work cooperatively in groups of four to predict the theoretical flight path of a projectile (a "Flying Monkey") and compare the actual flight path to the predicted pattern. The flights will be video recorded against a background grid to aid in recording launch angle and elastic stretch length. The students will develop an oral presentation to compare the predicted and experimental outcomes, and explain similarities and differences.
Grades: 9-12
Subjects: Physics, Algebra II
Essential Skills: E6, E8, M10, M11, M21, S1, S3, S4, S6, S12, S13, S15, S61
Submitted By: Jeff Vogus, Suzi Bender,,, Mount Union Area High School, PA

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