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The Successful Practices Network was created to be a living lab for schools to exchange research, ideas, best practices, and professional development resources. SPN Research has two primary missions: 1) to disseminate the most useful education research available that is consistent with the organizing pedagogy of Rigor and Relevance for ALL students to SPN members 2) to engage in research with a variety of partner schools, organizations, and foundations in effective instructional and leadership practices that can be replicated and implemented on a larger scale. SPN has recently partnered with two Texas education leaders to better understand the effective and efficient practices that are possible with an aligned near real time data system. SPN Research also partnered with CCSSO, the International Center for Leadership in Education, and the Quaglia Institute on a five-year study of model schools and promising schools that sought to improve the rigor, relevance and relationships in their schools. SPN research is informed by the data generated by the WE Surveys. This analysis guides development of new initiatives and resources for members. SPN members access a deep collection of research articles and links through a searchable database that is organized by school level, topic, and keywords. Members can download as much of this research as they want as part of their membership.



  • A wide range of research sources are sifted and organized for members around topics of interest to SPN members
  • Research is selected for its practical application and usefulness to school practitioners
  • Research is connected to other resources accessible on the website through a common “Topic” database
  • Members can rate and identify research that is helpful. SPN monitors access rates to better understand which research members seek out and use.
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Newest Research
10 January, 201310 January, 2013
Folder: Teacher Effectiveness
This non-technical research brief for policymakers and practitioners summarizes recent analyses from
the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project on identifying effective teaching while accounting for differences among
teachers’ students, on combining measures into composites, and on assuring reliable classroom observations.

Readers who wish to explore the technical aspects of these analyses may go to to find the three companion
research reports: Have We Iden...Read more
Public Resource 10 January, 201310 January, 2013
Folder: Teacher Effectiveness
This overview identifies nine principles for using measures of effective teaching. This report is part of the ongoing MET project from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The MET project is a research partnership of academics, teachers, and education organizations committed to investigating better ways to identify and develop effective teaching.
26 April, 201226 April, 2012
Folder: Adult Education
Analyzes data on risk of school suspension by race/ethnicity, gender, and disability status in nearly five hundred districts; highlights research showing suspensions to be ineffective and harmful; and calls for implementing evidence-based alternatives.
24 April, 201224 April, 2012
Folder: Student Engagement
This report from the National Endowment for the Arts looks at correlations between arts activity among at-risk youth and subsequent levels of academic performance and civic engagement. Data was pulled from four large-scale, longitudinal studies that tracked a nationally representative sample of children and/or teenagers over time. The following key findings emerged:
Socially and economically disadvantaged children and teenagers who have high levels of arts engagement or arts learning show mo...Read more
9 April, 20129 April, 2012
Folder: Adult Education
This Policy Brief focuses on the nature and effectiveness of these plans. The authors first provide generic descriptions of three types of plans, followed by a synthesis of research results on their effectiveness. A set of guidelines for effective practice is then provided to help states and districts embarking on these forms of performance pay. The authors conclude with a look ahead at recent developments in performance pay plans and other deviations from the traditional teacher salary sche...Read more
2 April, 20122 April, 2012
Folder: Leadership
Effective education leadership makes a difference in improving learning. There’s nothing new or especially controversial about that idea. What’s far less clear, even after several decades of school renewal efforts, is just how leadership matters, how important those effects are in promoting the learning of all children, and what the essential ingredients of successful leadership are.

This report by researchers from the Universities of Minnesota and Toronto examines the available eviden...Read more
2 April, 20122 April, 2012
Folder: Turnaround Strategies
In 2007, using funds from the federal Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) and private foundations, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) began piloting its version of a schoolwide reform model called the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP). Under the TAP model, teachers can earn extra pay and take on increased responsibilities through promotion (to mentor teacher or master teacher), and they become eligible for annual performance bonuses based on a combination of their contribution to student achievement (...Read more
Public Resource 12 March, 201212 March, 2012
Folder: National Performance Reports
This report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation summarizes research about the effects of recess, including its benefits as an effective and efficient way to increase the amount of physical activity and enhance academic performance and trends in daily recess by school location and student population.
28 February, 201228 February, 2012
Folder: National Performance Reports
Johns Hopkins is endorsing a new study that has concluded that there is an optimum amount of time for children and young people to sleep in terms of how well they perform in school, and more is not necessarily better. The research, published in the Eastern Economic Journal, used data from 1,724 elementary and secondary students to explore the relationship between sleep and performance on standardized tests. Findings showed a statistically significant relationship between the two, with the mos...Read more
13 February, 201213 February, 2012
Folder: Adult Education
In this report published by the Center for American Progress, the authors give a summary view of where we are with the link between our teacher evaluation and teacher improvement systems. The authors also explore the current issues that PD can address and the challenges to successful improvement models. A high level review of relevant research is part of this report. A very informative and helpful report for all school leaders at all levels.

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