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Information for Gold Seal Lessons

Gold Seal Lessons

The Successful Practices Network is committed to incorporating rigor and relevance into classroom instruction. This strong focusis built on the understanding that when a rigorous curriculum is tied to real-world application, students are more motivated to learn and therefore develop a deeper understanding of the content, which leads to greater retention of the information over time. SPN in partnership with educators across the country develop model lessons that reflect this pedagogy.


Each lesson is designed to teach to specific standards/benchmarks/objectives and centered around a highly motivating theme, activity, or project. Lessons are typically multidisciplinary and deal with real-world situations or problems. Additionally, Gold Seal Lessons should challenge students to learn and perform in a variety of different ways. They may be asked to research, write, compute, model, demonstrate, build, survey, or report in a variety of academic, technical, work, or community environments.


Members can search, access, and download approximately 2000 Gold Seal Lessons. Lessons are searchable by content area, grade level, standards, and keywords.



  • Gold Seal Lessons provide teachers model, proven lessons ranging from one day to three weeks that they can implement
  • Because the lessons are aligned to standards, teachers can access alternative methods for teaching and assessing topics that they have identified as needing improvement in their own teaching
  • Teachers seeking to improve their students’ engagement find examples of relevant activities
  • Members are able to share Gold Seal Lessons with colleagues online through the network
Please feel free to use the Featured Lessons by accessing the link below. For more information please contact Grethel Torrico-Lara at

Please note, by submitting a lesson to the Network for editing and inclusion in the database of Gold Seal Lessons the author grants consent that the lesson may be used by the Successful Practices Network.  As such, the Successful Practices Network may distribute, repurpose, sell or reproduce lessons to fit the needs of the organization at present or in the future.   

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Newest Gold Seal Lessons
Public Resource 10 September, 201310 September, 2013
Students will read the book Spaghetti and Meatballs for All! as a class and discuss family relationships. Students will then break down an element into its individual parts and represent it like a family. Finally students will break down the Periodic Table into its groups and discuss how each group is a family and why.
Grades: 6, 7, 8
Subjects: Science, Math, ELA
Essential Skills: 
Submitted By: Cassie Davis, Karen Bayer, Amanda Isaacs, Mackenzie Middle School, TX
17 June, 201317 June, 2013
Students will work independently to complete an activity that allows them to differentiate the types of quadrilaterals (scalene quadrilateral, kite, trapezoid, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and square) using coordinate geometry. The students must determine the shape of the figure when given four points on the coordinate plane. Using the slope and distance formulas, the students will determine how many sides are equal, how many sides are parallel or perpendicular, and how many angles ar...Read more
Grades: 9-12
Subjects: Mathematics - Geometry
Essential Skills: M4, M15, M19, M34, M41
Submitted By: Amanda Hideck, Buckeye Online School for Success, OH
17 June, 201317 June, 2013
Students will learn about the voyage of the Pilgrims and the importance of the Mayflower Compact. They will work together with a group to create their own bully-free society. Students will name their society, choose a location, and create a system of rules.
Grades: 3-5
Subjects: English Language Arts, Social Studies
Essential Skills: E1, E6, E8, E9, E16, E18, SS1, SS13
Submitted By: Jodi Newman, Whitney Elementary, WA
31 May, 201331 May, 2013
Students will design a class literary magazine centered on the central themes and symbols found in Steinbeck’s classic novel, Of Mice and Men. Students will first be exposed to real literary magazines like Stone Soup, a literary journal for junior high and high school students. Then, each class will brainstorm what items will be included in their own class literary magazine (i.e. Poetry, book reviews, photography, art, short story, etc…). Then, once we identify fifteen items that we wa...Read more
Grades: 8
Subjects: English Language Arts
Essential Skills: E2, E3, E6, E7, E9, E10, E13, E15, E21, E23
Submitted By: Megan Medley,, Chaminade Middle Schooll, CA
31 May, 201331 May, 2013
Students will use the online blogging platform, WordPress, to create an online magazine. They will explore local and cultural historical concepts that are being lost and write individual articles for submission.
Grades: 9-12
Subjects: English Language Arts, Journalism, Social Studies, History
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E3, E4, E6, E7, E9, E10, E12, E13
Submitted By: Justin Crawford, Rhonda Sloan, Kathleen Reiboldt, Joplin High School, MO
31 May, 201331 May, 2013
Students will apply characterization study techniques to create a resume for their character. The resume’s content should be based on the novel read. The students also must compose a cover letter in which their character attempts to persuade a fictional employer that he or she is suited to a student-envisioned job. Students will be instructed to use appropriate format for all documents.
Grades: 9-12
Subjects: English Language Arts, Business, Technology
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E3, E9, E12, E13, E15, E16, E20, E23
Submitted By: Susan Primm, Rhonda Sloan, Justin Crawford, Joplin High School, MO
17 May, 201317 May, 2013
Before introducing this project, students take part in a read-aloud of The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Students begin by designing a zoo on grid paper and determining the area and perimeter of each animal’s cage as well as the area and perimeter of the entire zoo. After completing their zoo designs, students write a letter to the mayor urging him to choose their zoo design for a new town zoo. Students also complete a piece of artwork of their choice to present to the mayor. ...Read more
Grades: 3-5
Subjects: English Language Arts, Math, Art
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E6, E9, E16, E18, E23, M1, M4, M9
Submitted By: Rebecca DeBoer, Whitney Elementary School, WA
17 May, 201317 May, 2013
Students will use a current events article to search for words from a spelling pattern. They will summarize their findings on a worksheet. Students will compare and contrast their findings by meeting with a classmate. Finally, they will create a spelling pattern game.
Grades: 2-4
Subjects: English Language Arts,Social Studies
Essential Skills: E1, E6, E9, E10, E14, E16, E18, E27
Submitted By: Lise Knight, Marlowe Gautreau, Carolyn Cormier, Highbridge Hill Elementary School , NH
17 May, 201317 May, 2013
Students will identify where, in our world, children’s rights are lacking. They will conduct research to identify the issues and develop an explanation for why the problem exists. Furthermore, they will be asked to come up with a plan of action in addressing the lack of rights for children which they will identify social justice organizations and also include a student developed action plan as a means of rectifying the issue.
Grades: 7-12
Subjects: English Language Arts, Social Studies
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E7, E23, E27, SS3, SS13, SS16, SS35, SS54
Submitted By: Annette Damien, Chaminade Middle School, CA
18 April, 201318 April, 2013
Students will come up with a plan to assist the homeless.
Grades: 3-4
Subjects: English Language Arts, Social Studies
Essential Skills: E1, E3, E10, E16, E18, E20, E25, SS40
Submitted By: Kris Murakami; Corri Ferreira; Tiffany Tawata, Pearl Ridge Elementary, HI

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