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SPN hosts at least one webinar a month for network members. Similar to the podcasts, the topics are selected based on member questions, the monthly focus topic of the newsletter, or a particularly timely issue relevant to SPN members. These webinars are presented by member school leaders, education consultants, researchers and field experts. All webinars include opportunities for the participants to dialog with the presenter and have their questions answered. Recent topics include: Leadership Strategies for Connecting to the Community; Using Perception Data as Part of School Improvement Planning; Strategic Planning for the Common Core State Standards. Webinars are supported by research articles accessed under “Research” and “Technical Bulletins.” Webinars are used by schools to learn about program issues and concerns as well as information about how to best utilize existing resources to improve student growth. Participation on past webinars varies from 50-500 participants.


  • Efficient access to education leaders with built opportunity for exchange of idea, questions, and comments
  • Remote access: can be logged into a computer from any site
  • No cost to members
  • Provides introductions to new ideas, strategies, and implementation models
  • Responsive topics to member concerns
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18 May, 201218 May, 2012
Presented by Sherry St. Clair
10 May, 201010 May, 2010
October 2009
Wednesday, October 28 - 3:30 pm EST
Accommodating Gender Differences in the Classroom – Hosted by Susan Kovalik

1 October, 20101 October, 2010
This webinar presented by Shannon Page, teacher at A.B. Combs Elementary, will explain the importance of using learning styles inventories to determine what excites and engages individual students. Giving students opportunities to express what makes them excited about learning will allow educators to develop projects and activities that will engage students in meaningful learning experiences. Participants will learn and witness the steps used to plan and implement virtual field trips that wi...Read more
18 October, 201218 October, 2012
How can teachers create meaningful assessments aligned with the expectations of the CCSS? How can these assessments measure content knowledge as well as higher-order thinking skills such as problem solving, evaluation, reasoning, etc.? In this webinar, we will discuss the components of high-quality assessments, both formative and summative.  
24 September, 201324 September, 2013
Linda Jordan, Director of Content Development, International Center for Leadership in Education
What is the brain health and lifestyle of your students? The goal of helping underperforming students to become lifelong learners is critical for preparing students for college and careers. In this session, participants will learn the latest neuroscience findings and how they directly apply to student behavior and learning. Instructional strategies you can use to meet the needs of at-risk student...Read more
31 August, 201131 August, 2011
This webinar will show how teachers and administrators can use CORR - Collaborating Online for Rigor and Relevance - as part of their ongoing efforts to improve instruction. CORR online courses facilitate a school's common understanding about rigor, relevance, and relationships. Participants will learn how CORR translates rigor, relevance, and relationships into online professional development that makes developing instruction in Quadrant D flexible, collaborative, and productive. Teachers ca...Read more
14 October, 201114 October, 2011
Collaborating Online for Rigor and Relevance
Presented by: Doug Silver, director of research and Ashley Terwilliger, member services coordinator
24 August, 201224 August, 2012
This webinar is # 5 in our continuing series "Connecting Classroom Practice to the Common Core"
12 January, 201212 January, 2012
Common Core State Standards and Gold Seal Lessons: What do they have in common?

Presented by: Sherry St. Clair, SPN Coach and International Center Consultant
9 November, 20119 November, 2011
Presented by:
Tim Ottmann, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Ponderosa High School

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