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Information for Gold Seal Lessons

Gold Seal Lessons

The Successful Practices Network is committed to incorporating rigor and relevance into classroom instruction. This strong focusis built on the understanding that when a rigorous curriculum is tied to real-world application, students are more motivated to learn and therefore develop a deeper understanding of the content, which leads to greater retention of the information over time. SPN in partnership with educators across the country develop model lessons that reflect this pedagogy.


Each lesson is designed to teach to specific standards/benchmarks/objectives and centered around a highly motivating theme, activity, or project. Lessons are typically multidisciplinary and deal with real-world situations or problems. Additionally, Gold Seal Lessons should challenge students to learn and perform in a variety of different ways. They may be asked to research, write, compute, model, demonstrate, build, survey, or report in a variety of academic, technical, work, or community environments.


Members can search, access, and download approximately 2000 Gold Seal Lessons. Lessons are searchable by content area, grade level, standards, and keywords.



  • Gold Seal Lessons provide teachers model, proven lessons ranging from one day to three weeks that they can implement
  • Because the lessons are aligned to standards, teachers can access alternative methods for teaching and assessing topics that they have identified as needing improvement in their own teaching
  • Teachers seeking to improve their students’ engagement find examples of relevant activities
  • Members are able to share Gold Seal Lessons with colleagues online through the network
Please feel free to use the Featured Lessons by accessing the link below. For more information please contact Grethel Torrico-Lara at

Please note, by submitting a lesson to the Network for editing and inclusion in the database of Gold Seal Lessons the author grants consent that the lesson may be used by the Successful Practices Network.  As such, the Successful Practices Network may distribute, repurpose, sell or reproduce lessons to fit the needs of the organization at present or in the future.   

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Gold Seal Lessons
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
Students will research and develop an oral and visual presentation in the targeted language to support their environmental beliefs They will participate in a mock demonstration about environmental issues. In small groups (2-3) students will research an environmental topic relevant to their everyday lives and that of their peers. (Water waste, recycling, local lakes/land, animal protection, etc.) They will provide statistics and facts to prove that their cause. The groups will make visuals...Read more
Grades: 10 - 12
Subjects: French
Essential Skills: E2, E4, E6, E10
Submitted By: Kirstin Thompson, Green Lake Schools, WI
24 March, 201024 March, 2010
Introduce this lesson by displaying the electronic annual report of a major company like Time Warner. Scroll through the 138 pages to demonstrate to students that reading every word is not necessary. Point out the important sections of the report: the history of the corporation, its component companies, the risk factors affecting stock price, and the financial summaries. It might be important to explain to students that the numbers in the financial statements are not in thousands. A discus...Read more
Grades: 11-12
Subjects: Economics, Math, English
Essential Skills: E2, E4, E7, E20, E25, E31, E32, M1, M21
Submitted By: David Land, Jefferson County High School, GA
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
: The students will identify areas within the school environment that they would like to see changed. They will then assess how such concerns could be addressed in writing. The students will deduce the persuasive techniques indicated from the suggestions offered by the class and will then select a topic to address. The students will write a letter to the Superintendent and school board requesting changes to the topic selected through the use of various persuasive techniques.
Grades: 9
Subjects: Literature
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E3, E4, E6, E9, E10, E12, E13, E15
Submitted By: Joannie Kilburg, Bellevue Community High School, IA
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
After having read 12 Angry Men the students are asked to assume the role of juror number thirteen, who has witnessed a subversion of justice during a courtroom trial. Unnerved by the experience, juror thirteen has decided to research the prevalence of, and problems caused by, prejudice in the justice system. They will then create a pamphlet for the courts to distribute, which explains prejudice and its implications on the legal system.
Grades: 12
Subjects: English Language Arts, Social Studies
Essential Skills: E1, E2, E3, E6, E7, E9, E10, E12, E13, E15
Submitted By: Gregg McGough, Penn Manor High School, PA
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
Students will work independently to design and research a 12-page promotional brochure that outlines a topic of personal interest or a potential career goal. Students will use the Internet and computer-assisted design software to conceptualize, organize, and produce the brochure. Students will continually self-assess their projects to make sure they are using the right combination of visual and verbal skills to communicate their messages effectively.
Grades: 10-12
Subjects: Communication, Graphic Design
Essential Skills: E1, E4, E6, E7, E9, E20, M4, M7
Submitted By: Michael E. Schroeder, Mid-Coast School of Technology, ME
27 January, 201027 January, 2010
Students will work in pairs to research and present their findings on a topic from the 15 in 5: Community Planning initiative developed by the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce. Each pair should create a plan to implement each idea, identifying pros and cons, success stories and challenges faced by other cities implementing similar ideas, and a visual representation of their proposal. All of this information will be conveyed in a class presentation and written report. After all the presentatio...Read more
Grades: 12
Subjects: U.S. Government, English Language Arts
Essential Skills: E1, E10, E15, SS40, SS42
Submitted By: Adrian Evans, Kennedy High School, IA
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
Students will recreate a 16th century newspaper using an existing newspaper from today as a template. Students will work in pairs and may use publishing software for their finished products. The newspaper will include Protestant Reformation, Absolutism and Scientific Revolution.
Grades: 10
Subjects: World History, English
Essential Skills: E2, E4, E5, E7, E8, E9, E14, E20, SS27, SS48, SS58
Submitted By: Mr. Charles Santos, Jensen Beach High School, FL
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
Students will read historical fiction, and related historical non fiction and primary documents. After reading the assigned texts, students will analyze the presentation of fact in the various texts and participate in a mock debate.
Grades: 5-8
Subjects: English Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies
Essential Skills: E2, E5, E7, E8, E9, E10, E13, E18, E19, E23, E24, E32, E33, E39, E43, S1, S3, S47
Submitted By: Cindy Dean, Alma Middle School, AR
16 January, 201016 January, 2010
In small groups, students will research elements of the Roaring Twenties. Within the groups, the students will analyze the social, political, and economic issues of the era. The groups will then create and present a PowerPoint presentation to educate the whole class on their topic. The groups will be assessed both by themselves and by the teacher. Additionally, each group will prepare a short vocabulary list and quiz for use with the class.
Grades: 9
Subjects: History
Essential Skills: SS15, SS18, SS22, SS31, SS41, SS48, SS57
Submitted By: Linda Zagraniczny, Fowler High School, NY
25 August, 201025 August, 2010
The students will work in groups in order to create a two-dimensional geometric city on poster board. Each group will collaborate to complete given requirements and present their project to the class.
Grades: 5-6
Subjects: Mathematics
Essential Skills: E10, E16, M4, M34, M54
Submitted By: Alyssa Meyer, Labadieville Middle School, LA

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